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In you see just the peak of the iceberg. There is hundreds of ready products on the shelves of our vendors, and we also provide tailor made products at low costs and in smaller lots too.

Check the product pages of our trusted vendors. Click the vendor name to see the product pages:

CSG Networks

In almost ten years CSG has earned trust of us and our biggest customers.

Poynting Antennas

Like CSG, also Poynting has been with us soon ten years. High quality antennas typically end up in the most critical needs.

Dawn communication

Our new partner with a wide selection of antennas and passive components of an amazing quality vs price ratio. Some products already on our shelves and deliveries taken place to the big LTE operators too.

2J Antennas

Our newest partner offers also special products like miniature and IoT antennas.


European vendor Iskra makes e.g. logperiodic cellular network antennas with high quality yet low price.


The wide selection of antennas for different wireless networks is available from us promptly and for the lowest price.


With more than 15 years experience and with ISO 9001 quality certificate since 2008 TreLnk makes e.g. our newest 3,5 GHz antennas.

Tai Digiters

Our mewest partner provides antenna products also for special purposes, e.g. military antennas and marine antennas.

Tailor made cables, cable assemblies, adapters and other RF components

We can provide you with all kinds cables, cable assemblies, adapters, splitters and connectors of highest quality, with the best speed, flexibility and lowest costs. Ask for a quotation and let us suprise you!

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