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26 Feb 2008 - Poynting Antennas spread across the Europe

After beginning as the distributor of Poynting Antennas in Finland and starting sales also outside Finland, there is quite a bunch of Poynting Products sold also abroad.

The small costs and friendly shipping policy of Siptune Inc. makes it possible have a very competitive product offering also in global perspective. The leadership of Poynting in cellular antennas is another great advantage.

In addition to the demand of Poynting antennas also e.g. Topcom and LevelOne buyers have found Siptune's competitiveness in the market.

21 March 2007 - New products added

We have now added more than 30 new interesting and affordable products to our selection. The campaign with low shipping costs is continued: shipping costs start from 1 euro and are only 5 euros at maximum for any size of package.

For couple of unfortunate misusage cases of our nice invoicing policy, we now ship pre-payed purchases only.

8 March 2007 - Co-operation with Aktiv Kapital Finland Oy

Siptune Oy and Aktiv Kapital Finland Oy have made an agreement about invoicing service of accidentally delayed payments. Thus the invoicing possibility is continued.

6 March 2007 - New products to arrive

New products from four vendors altogether is arriving beginning from week 10.

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